The Mummy: New or old

Recently, the Mummy was released in June, as a fan of the series of the Mummy, I felt excited, but also worry. Is the change a good thing? Should I praise its courage to progress and innovation or deny it?

After I finished watching, I found that the problem is not change or not, But the effect of this change is good or bad.

Let’s compare the new mummy and the old mummy, the old mummy means those two classic mummy movies which released in 1999 and 2001. I’m not exaggerate the fact, but these two opus really opened the world of fantasy film for me. “WOW! So cool!” is my favorite sentence when I was watching them.


But time’s flying, I already watched so many commercial film in these years, although I still love the Mummy, but I have to say, my enthusiasm is reducing on it.

It’s so risky to review the classic.

New mummy retain lots of classic elements, for example, protagonist’s group has three people at least, strong and handsome protagonist, smart and beautiful heroine, interesting and funny male supporting role. They got the adventure team but still didn’t make a good film. The reason of the old mummy became classic films is the historical background, the story was happened in the early 20th century, human society get into the new time, industrial civilization started develop in high speed, the world pattern start changing after the World War, the immortal ancient evil gods awake in the chaotic times, the conflict and blending of old and new civilizations happened in the magnificent modern times, these elements are familiar, but also strange, all of these have strong adventurous, fantastic atmosphere.


In the new mummy opus, the historical background is modern time, technology has great improvement, the sense of history and romantic color decline sharply.

About the actor, I think the male supporting role and the heroine are good, their image are suitable for the roles, but I don’t think Tom Cruise is suitable for this role, because he acts modern or future roles in most of his former opus, that’s not match with the adventure film.

Of course, actor’s image can makes audiences feel strange at best, the biggest problem is the movie’s type and emphasis, comedy and adventure are the most important elements, clearly, the new mummy lack of them.

Finally, as a fan of the mummy movie and Tom, I still hope more people can support this film, but I suggest you better forget the classic mummy when you are watching this. Its background music makes me feel a bit dreariness, actors are also tried their best to present an interesting story to audiences.

Kang Yuan



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