Stifling Beauty: Lost and redemption

Music video (MV) is an important part for a song and its singer, with the times flying, more and more MVs become more and more interesting, audiences can see a completely story in MV, scene and sound were combined perfectly. Slowly, producer used to shoot MV with the same standard as a film.


Beautiful now’s MV is one of my favorite MVs. This song comes from Zedd who is an electronic music producer, and Jodeb is the screenwriter and director of this creative MV. The story tells the story of five people, a girl who wants to murder her lover, an old lonely mountaineer, a boy who wants to revenge with a gun, a bully robbed a supermarket but failed, a suicide attempt girl.

I was attracted by its rich plot, gorgeous colors and dazzling switching, specially the “We are beautiful, BAH BAH BAH BAH…BAH BAH BAH”, the picture will switch like a Powerpoint, that’s also the highlight of the whole music video. Vision match with the background music can bring audience into the climax naturally, at the same time, the story shows the role’s memoirs which full of laughter and dance, it seems a beautiful picture and have a clear comparison with the role’s current dilemma. The five stories are different, but there is one same point: they are not happy now, but they both have happy life before, that’s worth to remember.

I think the last interesting point is all protagonists see their faces at last. The lesbian see her face from the mirror after her lover was rescued, the old man fell on the ground then see his face from the water in front of him, juvenile see his face from the mirror next to him, Zedd see his face from the reflected light of the knife, suicide girl see her face rom the from the reflected light of the window. Meanwhile, the background music with “You’re Beautiful”. Maybe they will feel regret, life is so beautiful, how can just give it up just because some difficulties, just like the song’s name, beautiful now. That can highlight the key point of this MV: We’re all beautiful, and even when things look their worst or we do ugly things, there’s still a chance to see that beauty in all of us as well as life itself.

In my opinion, they have their own difficulties, they both remember the joy time when the moment they facing danger or death, it should be said do not to focus on the problem of life, in fact, happy time is always more than bad time. This interspersed story telling style let me watch it over and over again, the editing makes every second, every frame is stifling, strong sense of rhythm makes audiences cannot stop watching.

Kang Yuan



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