Demon Seals Online: Innovation of China’s CG movie

Demon Seals Online is a China’s online game, it launched a CG game movie in 2015. Whether it is role’s details or movement of object and hair, this opus represents high level tech on CG area.

In China, the biggest problem on CG area are investment and details this opus changes people’s mind. The duration of this movie is just more than 6 minutes, but it cost 13 million RMB and two years to finish it, For example, this picture of the old monk, it’s so difficult to reduction people’s skin details, the CG makers have to simulate every details to bring accurate visual cognition to audiences, such as pores, wrinkles, spots. Although this work isn’t worth to highlight, but in China, it’s a rare opus in this area.

In this movie, there are lot of elements have strong relation with the real world, for example, production group shot the real jokul as the CG material. Except that, the monk is sitting on the dais to fight. In fact, the artists research lot of books and historical sites to set up the dais.

Talk about the big scene shot, this picture is from the Demon Seals Online CG movie.


Actually, every single soldier in the picture has different action, CG makers need to use computer to act the “figurant”, then the computer decide action by itself, this step can save a mass of CG makers’ work. In the past, if we want to shot the scene like this, we need to invite hundreds of people as figurant, but now we just need to have a set of computer equipment. I think the CG maker team of the Demon Seals Online did a good work and use it to prove China’s CG team is progressing.


(This one is a picture from The lord of the Rings.)

In China, there is an old saying, if you want to do your job well, you need to make your tool well first, I want to use this saying in China’s CG movie, if Chinese want to make better film, CG tech is a very necessary part, whether we pay more investment or pursue more details, it’s always “make the tool well”. In the past, some Chinese directors do not pay much attention to CG technology, for the knowledge of special effects, they were still stay in the way to make up the mistakes, relative to the star paycheck and publicity, the fee for the special effects is too little. In recent years in China, CG movies are developing, many works received praise. Recall that Chinese do not know much about the computer when Hollywood launched the Toy Story. Have to say that many of China’s production team is trying to learn the experience from the West, at the same time, with constant practice to increase their experience. Although there are still many shortcomings, but the film let me see the hope of innovation.

Kang Yuan



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