Wonder women and her responsibility: save DC, change Hollywood

A cardiotonic for DC and Warner Bros


In terms of building their own super heroes, Warner Bros has struggled many years. Compare with Marvel Studio, Warner Bros seems like a impatient player, seeking quick success but run to the opposite direction. From the Batman V Superman to Suicide Squad, each film both revealing their ambition for catching Marvel’s step. However, originally should have an equal footing with the Avengers, the Batman V Superman not only was criticized by media, what is more, the box office was robbed by Deadpool, which the cost of production is only one-fifth of BVS.(Agar, 2016)


After all, the most deadly defect of BVS and Suicide Squad is too anxious to put as many roles as possible into two hours film, but reckon without audience’s viewing experience and acceptance. Therefore, these series of super heroes movies neither did great on the story itself nor build a solid super hero image because it is too difficult to happens within two hours. Even if the Man of Steel also being criticized by lack of emotional bedding narrative and sermonic lines.


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At this point, Wonder women showed up and hit a wonderful turnaround. The director put world war as the background of whole story but build up a huge blueprint of the world, so that earn more time to shape a character, talk about her relationship and growth experience. After all, for the current DC, there is nothing more important than build a real popular role for audiences. Meanwhile, Wonder Women also could be a example to shake the long-term promotion mode in a way. For a long time, there are sixty percent audiences of super heroes films are male.(Wilson, 2014) If Wonder women can keep male audiences and attract more female audiences at the same time, it must impact the future of Hollywood pattern. Just imagine, young male audiences no longer the only target group that all producers chasing, because female audiences also need super hero’s story to cheer them up and cause their resonance.

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Break the invisible ceilings


Refer to the sexism of film industry, i am afraid there is no more any position severer than female directors. According to relevant statistics, in 2016, women make up just 7 percent of all directors on the top 250 films, and has been two percent decline from 2015.(Kilday, 2017) Before Wonder women came out, there is only K-19: the widowmaker over 10 billions cost film directed by women. What’s more, from Fifty shades of Grey to Pitch Perfect 2, even though there were some impressive work directed by female director, they also be treated as a case.


The same problem was bothering Patty Jenkins as well. “Of cause in the end of that day, I see it and I see a women playing that war and I am so excited that it make some different.”


Cao Zhenhui



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