Transmedia Storytelling: take The Matrix as example

In the ideal state, each media platform is doing their own special part for storytelling. For example, the overall information of the Matrix is not limited in movie itself. They are spread by films, series of animated short films, comic story books and lots of relevant games. In the multi-screen era, there is almost impossible a single platform can display all of information that audiences needed.


American producer association had founded a position called “Transmedia producer”, which can explain that understand transmedia narrative is an important lesson from producer to marketer. Among them, producer need to change their way of thinking from traditional single-line story thinking to transmedia narrative mode, and marketer need that more.


In fact, since Warner Bros own DC, and DC published their new comics before Warner’s new movies Batman Begins and Superman returns, it is not difficult to find out the merger and acquisition, or synergy between different media platform has make transmedia get huge improvement. Similar practice makes audience be able to gain more background information and strengthen their viewing experience. As I mentioned before, new comics released not only has promotional effect for the coming movies, but also combine the promotion and entertainment effectively.


From the first episode The Matrix was released in 1999, it has been exploited to various media form and were popular. In the next part, i will show some different form to present the entire “phenomenon of the Matrix”.



A successful presentation of transmedia is Animatrix, which is a series of nine animated short films set in the world of The Matrix. They were was released in 2003, bringing together some of the most influential talent of the anime world and still free downloaded. A fifth film (Final Fight of the Osiris, informally deemed ‘The Matrix 1.5’) was shown theatrically with Dreamcatcher to allow viewers to learn the setup for Reloaded before the release of that film.(The MATRIX101, 2003)


With the succeed of the Matrix, a series of relevant games were exploited as well, and released in GameCube, PS2, Windows and Xbox these gaming platform. The design of these games are similar with the movie, which is the important constituent part of the Matrix. This close working relationship between filmmakers and game producers is a first for either industry and is leading to groundbreaking games that would be impossible to produce otherwise.(The MATRIX101, 2003)

Comic book

The comics about the Matrix has been released two volumes so far. Meanwhile, the Matrix also interact with audiences online, to meet their reading requirement on the internet rather than buy a book.






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