Kangsi Coming: witness of Taiwan verity show changing

Recent years, there were too many funny variety show came out in China. Such as Freak talk, Roast… From the scenery to program form, there is copying Taiwan talk show more or less. However, there was a talk show has been broadcasting 12 years, once was the most popular talk show between Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, become a unforgotten memory for most of post-80 Chinese. It is so-called the forerunner Chinese entertainment talk show: Kangsi Coming.


Ten years ago, I was attracted by this show when I watched it first time. In that episode, Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu was interviewing the former Nationalist party chairman Lien Chan. The whole show was full of laughing and fun. It was difficult to imagine that some serious topics could be discussed by a relaxed and happy way like that. At that time, mainstream talk show in mainland China were serious and boring, full of preaching, which makes most of young audience felt disgusted.


Before Kangsi Coming was shut down, except a few episodes were interviewed celebrities, most of them are talk about some hot topics like “Evolution of idols”, “parenting experiences between wife and mother-in-law” and so on. These topics are contemporary young people cares extremely, which has multiple values and funny.


Another popular Taiwan variety show called University. This program was produced by Wang Wei Chung and James Chan, they are the producer of Kangsi Coming as well. They focus on college students , discuss different thoughts of young people. Such as: “relationship”, “generation gap between parents and children”, “Part time job”. it is also object to preaching audience but use entertaining way.


With Kangsi Coming and University were shut down and many excellent variety shows comes out in China, more and more Chinese young people turns their attention to mainland variety shows. Meanwhile, many famous producers in Taiwan also move their office to mainland. James Chan and his team cooperates with Chinese entertainment company AIQIYI, produced two variety shows named Hungry Sisters and University (mainland version) both have positive response. According to AIQIYI official statistic, Hungry sister totally gained 40 billions play amount in China, which is a good mark in online show.(Chen, 2016) However, no matter Hungry Sister or University, there are always some questioned sounds around them, which is still copying Kangsi Coming in a way. Such as some old gags of Kangsi coming still used in Hungry Sister.


Faced with this question James Chan expressed: “There are nothing change in Taiwan variety show, but mainland’s programs has get huge improved.” Audience’s interest changing so fast, they might be lost interest if a program got nothing change in several months. As a producer who has 20 years experience, James has been researching audience’s interest, so that predicted which kind of program will be popular in the future, “At least make the program out half years before.” 



Yang C, 2016, Hungry Sister get succeed by 40 billions play amount, accessed in: http://www.jiemian.com/article/892867.html 


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