Post-cinema as game: Edge of Tomorrow

“In today’s cinema of interactions the photographic ontology of classical cinema gives way to a digital ontology where the future, not the past, is the object of mediation—where the photographic basis of film and its remediation of the past gives way to the premediation of the future more characteristic of video games and other digital mediation and networking” (Shane Denson, Julia Leyda, 2016, P70).

In the global, ACG cultural integration trend intensified, animation, games and movies often adapted to each other, the distance between games and movies have been closer. In post-cinema era, though development of digital technologies, some films feel like game. When audiences finish a film, it likes completing a game.EDGE OF TOMORROW

Edge of Tomorrow is a 2014 American military science fiction film. In the film, Tom Cruise as the main character Cage-a military speaker who has no real experience. Cage likes the most of rookie hero RPG players played in a strange world to explore and fight. In the road leading to the final BOSS, he was knocked down and killed again and again. And, in the film, Cage can archive his process. When he died, he can read his previous archive and keep going. It’s much like playing games. In this infinite reincarnation,he accumulated experience, improved the level and increased the proficiency to defeat the BOSS and successfully saved the heroine.

As a science fiction business blockbusters, the film is full of a large number of real-world effects and the grand war scenes which can pleasant audience’ eyes. In the beach landing war, the plot of Cage and alien thrilling gun battle can be found the similar  plot in numerous shooting games. The audience will be immersive.

written by Muchen Ren


Shane Denson, Julia Leyda (2016). POST-CINEMA: Theorizing 21st-century film. United Kingdom: REFRAME Books.

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