Network film: hopeful job and challenge

Written by Kang Yuan

2015 is a rapid growth year for network films. After the “micro-film”, “Internet movies”, “new media film” and other business models have failed, the “Network movie” in the video site paid “outlet” under the business was an unprecedented success.

AiQiYi, for example, before 2015, their network of large film library has only a total amount of about 200, to the end of 2015 it growth of 612, several major production companies are still filling their library content with around more than 30 percent a year. For the producer it is positive, because the net profit is very transparency. “Taoist mountain” with their production cost around 28 million, access more than 20 times profit in the end. It changes the awareness of people for the network movie from the ground. The whole network behind the large area seems to be a large precious deposits to be dig. Some young people can directly upload to Youtube and other video sites after the shooting the production of low-cost network movie with their film dreams, they also want to use this as their habit, this job is easy to join the career, everyone can do it, but it is also difficult, it’s hard to do it well.


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