Music Video analysis: Last Dance

Written by Kang Yuan

Last Dance is Bigbang’s song, Bigbang is the highest level Tony & Smash, they publish this song before T.O.P join the army, T.O.P is the oldest one of them, other members are G-DRAGON、TAEYANG、DAESUNG、SEUNGRI, join the army is a very serious event in Korea. In my opinion, this is a sad song and what they want to tell is they don’t willing their old brother and fans.

Not a VIP but damn the MV got me so emotional. They’re some of the strongest going group from the 2nd gen that still has high public support, and god if words can even explain how as a Cassiopeia, my envy for them keeping their lineup.( EunHae_AKTF)


I am afraid that time will let us go drifting away, one day you will no longer be with me.

The sky is full of fireflies. You are incarnated as one of the stars shining on me.

This two sentences are the lyric, which means their fans, they are saying: “Please wait for me, I’ll sing this song and walk to you when I come back.”


EunHae_AKTF, 2016, Big Bang last dance MV analysis



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