Digital Post-Cinema: Perfect CG game film

Written by Kang Yuan

Talk about CG film, we cannot ignore Japan, but because the cost of CG film is too high, that cause the CG film product is very less. Today I’m talking about the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005), this opus has lots of highlight points, such as its fidelity, role’s every details. Some fans even thought that’s not CG film but real people are acting.

timg (1)

I think the most important thing of CG film technology is to strive for a sense of reality. If a CG film want to be good or in order to become a classic one, its reality cannot just the character’s appearance, but also need to character role’s facial expressions to express the inner feelings of the characters.


The final battle scenes played very dazzling, very shocked, role’s movement is also very smooth and fast, especially valuable in the fast-paced fight, the unbelievable point is it can be a good performance of the hair and clothes fabric physical flutter in the fast-paced fight. It’s hard to imagine how much time this fight has been played. This is the most exciting CG film I have ever seen as so far, its fighting scenes can get the best marks in all CG films.


Xiaokeai1042925, 2008, The best CG film, the highest level in tech

Which one is better?

Will Smith, 2006, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


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