Transmedia Storytelling and audiences

Henry Jenkins (2013) put forward the concept of “transmedia storytelling”: the flow of content across multiple media channels was inevitable in the era of media convergence, the technology in the movie or videos made lower the production costs more realistic through sharing property on across-media. A series or film can be inspired by a novel or game; the Star Wars and Sherlock are two typical examples.

Transmedia storytelling could be adapted entirely by the original story, like Harry Potter movie series. Normally it is a dispersive content because of the difference of customers or other elements, but its nature tends to be serial. Fiorelli (2013) summarize that “The seriality is not linear, but becomes an hypertextual network.”

The relationship between transmedia storytelling and audiences are special and delicate, fans could be the potential consumers and evangelists. Even they can be the producers to create new content to expend the original world through their understanding, though, the situation is rare. But sometimes they could be the key of a successful marketing strategy. The Hunger Games movie trilogy is a good example. The target audiences are the fans who emotionally invested in novel of the same name. They can interact with the content through the popular social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The producer created a real fashion magazine called Capitol Couture which response to the content of fashion in the film and novel. The campaign based on the content blurs the line between the reality and virtual world, increasing fans’ interests and embracing their passions. The digital and social means to promote the different media is different, but it must place the story and audiences at the center. The core idea and story will spread more in the information-fragmented world and reach more field and people (Npharsen, 2016).

The Hunger Games Explorer Transmedia.png



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Written by Yijun Zhang


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