Archival Footage in We Are X

Written by Huiyuan Zhou

I watched this film called We Are X in London Film Festival last year, when I had no idea that it was actually a documentary about the legendary rock band Japan X . What impressed me was the combination of footage and interview with the lead singer Yoshiki.

Generally speaking the documentary chronicled their rise to superstardom, along with many footages for illustrating their growth.These archives vary from the band’s personal photos and videos such as backstage footage to interviews with each member.

Death of one of the guitaists was included in these achives. In this sequence, as Yoshiki recalled, the director Stephen Kijak put the news footage together with the current interview with Yoshiki, reproducing the sadness and shockness of the incident. Besides, the pain that Yoshiki has been through for so many years is well presented.

The footage in this film is basically chonological presented, however in this sequence, there is footage including another footage. The opening scene in this sequence is the concert footage after the incident. Stephen inserted the news footages in between. After presenting the footages of the incident, he cut back to the close-up of them on the stage, which strengthen the pain they felt.

This exlusive sequence is the best of this film for me during my watch, easily driving tears, and it well presented the media arcaeological art as well.


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