The transition to digital film era——Jurassic Park

24 years ago, without 3D film,Jurassic Park brought us into a ‘real’ dinosaurs world. Even now, people still could be subdued by these milestone-style special effects.

So, why we call this film as a milestone?

The combination of CGI and traditional model of dinosaurs.


We still can feel a sense of reality in this film even in this digital era, this is because that the director used the maquettes. Those dinosaur models are all real object which did not need to test the shadow of the special effect. On the other hand, Spielberg also used the stop-motion animation. Dennis Mullen is responsible for the digital synthesis. The combination of these two parts compose the ‘real’ dinosaurs on the big screen.

Jurassic Park is a big success and break of film, but in many ways, this is the result of the film production progress in nearly one hundred years. Many years ago, film producers began to trying to deceive audience by manipulating space, perception, different camera lens and even animated scenes. With the Jurassic Park, the film production took the first step into the real digitization and CGI world.


It is certain that the Jurassic Park is the first film with the CGI features in the world.


The Brachiosaurus is the first creature entirely made of CGI in the history. The action of both his feet off the ground takes from the elephant.


Written by Xi Chen



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