I Have Been There…

Three years have passed since the release of Interstellar (2014), even though with very limited memory of the exact film plot, I can still recall the sensory feeling quite clearly. Settled in a nice seat in front of the IMAX screen, I am immersed into not only the space of the dark, huge screening room, but more like into the vast expanse of cosmos, totally submerged and intoxicated.


On one hand, my mind is working on understanding the story line, on the other hand, my body has been flying with the spaceship. I truly feel like that I have been there myself, which is the moment I start to understand the spectator’s body as a “corporeal-material being” as well as a “human being with skin and hair”. She tells us that “The material elements that present themselves in films directly stimulate the material layers of the human being: his nerves, his senses, his entire physiological substance.” (Hansen, 1993) In this film, there is relative time, five-dimensional space, gravity, and love. How do they present themselves to us?


The introduction of the wormhole and the reunion of the team members after 7 years shocks us emotionally and sensually, we feel novel also frightened. The continuous video contact running through the growth of Murphy infects us to tears, we can feel the urgent desire of a father’s return to his daughter. Besides, when the spaceship travels through the dreamlike Solar System and the Milky Way, we are affected, and somehow cheated, to sense the surreal view, to breathe the air with no oxygen, to experience the rhythm of the flying turbulence, and to hear the melody of silence, refusing to wake up.

Stop the soundtrack and look away from the immense screen, I realise that my eyes and ears fool me again, seduced by Christopher Noland and Hans Zimmer.

Consciousness revives, I haven’t been there…


By Wandi Lou

Hansen, M. (1993). “‘With Skin and Hair’: Kracauer’s Theory of Film, Marseille 1940 ,” Critical Inquiry 19, no 3. Available From http://criticalinquiry.uchicago.edu/uploads/pdf/Hansen,_With_Skin%20_and_Hair.pdf  [Accessed 27 March 2017]

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