The Ultimate Demonstration of Media Globalization, Life in A Day


If you are looking for the ultimate demonstration of media globalization, here is the one Life in A Day.

In the wave of information era, everything is globalizing fast than ever before including media. Especially YouTube, the fastest way to accelerate the progress of media, cause people from all over the world are sharing their clips of life on the platform. On the contrast, everyone can take glimpses on others. So what if you send a request out to the world to chronicle, via video, short clips, a single day on Earth? You would get 80000 submissions and 4500 hours of videos from 192 countries on specific one day, July 24, 2010. Life in A Day. Through YouTube, Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald took those raw materials and created Life in a Day, a breathtaking, feature-length, distinctive documentary.

With the amazing editing skill, the life of different persons looks like continuous, actually it is. Everything becomes instant since the Internet’s development, through Time-Space Compression, as Eriksen define:

phenomena like instant communication and high speed travel as annihilating both spatial and temporal distances,

we can actually feel: on the other side of Earth, there is a people, and we are living in the same time and space, no lags between each others, everything happens in the same time. also by Eriksen,

Despite development difference everyone is networked to the same media time; and linear sense of time and progress tends to disappear.

So we will feel strong empathy when you are watching this film that portrays the kaleidoscope image we call life. So now, since there are no boundaries and distances, we living in the same day, which is today. And today is always the most magnificent day you ever have, because it is both newest and oldest day in your life.  WATCH IT NOW:)


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