“The Great Gatsby” by Baz Luhrmann: the reality modified in the digital era

The Great Gatsby is one of the blockbusters of the season. Opening film at the last Cannes Film Festival, directed by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was waited by the fans, but also by readers around the world who worship the “great American novel” Scott Fitzgerald.

The reviews on the film were discordant, except for one thing: the staging. Exaggerated as the roaring of the 20’s relived on screen. An impressive production effort in which every detail of clothing, architecture and scenery was not left to chance. But how was it possible this kind of work? The answer is simple: with the digital visual effects. The days in which were needed carpenters and thousands of extras for a movie are gone. Today, technology allows you to build the 20’s of Fitzgerald in “comfort.”

The proof came with the publication of a video on Vimeo showing The Great Gatsby, before and after the intervention of digital. In this clip, which lasts as the song Young and Beautiful of Lana Del Rey, you can admire the intervention of those involved to complete the work on the set. It is specifically the Australian company Animal Logic, which has created the visual effects of the film with the collaboration of other production companies, which have shot a total of 1,500 real scenes.

This is how the Cinema really works.

Written by Nardos Maffia


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