“Media is the message” and senses

“Media is the message” raised by McLuhan, has been always a popular topic discussed by people to explore. McLuhan states the influence of any medium on the individual and society is caused by the new scale. That is to say, in other words, McLuhan believes that the media convey and develop the people’s thoughts through the technology, this technology itself is the main cause of the human environment change. He broke the previous focus on media content research. These people argue that the media is only a tool can be used, the way which fundamentally affects the human living environment is the content that the media deliver.

In his view, any medium is nothing more than the expansion and stretch of human feeling and the senses: the text printed by the printing is the stretch of human vision, TV produced by the electronic technology is the comprehensive stretch of human hearing, vision, and touch. In this way, the human senses are enriched by the stretch of media technology.


Besides that, this role of media is also deeply reflected in the “thumb culture” – SMS. The invention of the mobile media makes the thumb work for people again. In the era of printing and television media, people do not need to use the thumb, but in the SMS, the thumb is back, it changes the proportion of original senses- the use of the thumb increasing the ration of touch; when your thumb clicks on “send”, you do not just move the thumb, but also spread information. Therefore, media is not only changing the way we receive or deliver information, but also a vital part of expanding the senses.


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