The ‘real heart’ from WALL-E ——visual effects and cinematic realism


In many ways, visual effects provide a realistic way for filmmakers. Digital and analog synthesis also become popular tools to present realism in this technological world, even for the animation film like WALL-E.

So, how does Pixar use animation to present this ‘real world’?

First of all, this story is based on some real historical records and scientific theories. The director and his team also visited the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to study how robots move, think and learn.


In order to present the realism in this science animation, Andrew and his team all have paid an unprecedented effort. They used the shooting angles and lighting professionally and vividly, which would help audiences to feel like there’s a camera in the CG space.

Pixar has been committed to using anthropomorphic characters to demonstrate social issues ironically: the comparison between the humanity of robots and human beings, they also use the destructive earth and rigid human in the future to satirize the weak environment awareness and excessive consumerism. Due to this kind of realism, different audiences might have different experiences through this animation.


In addition, the director also added one clip from the musical film Hello, Dolly! from 1969. This is the first time Pixar tried to use some scene from the ‘real world’.

Through WALL-E, we can see that, this film uses almost real elements from the real world, the director also put those elements into a quite real space. Meanwhile, this film avoids the fantasy from the traditional animation to some degree. It is more close to life and reality.

Written by Xi Chen




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