“BiliBili” as a community of subculture



Blibili is a  website now has more than 100 million of users aged under 17 years old. It’s the biggest cultural community of Chinese younger generation, especially people interested in ACG (Anime, Comics, Games) culture.

One of the core feature of Bilibili is the ACG-based content. Similar with YOUTUBE, Blibili is a website based on user generated content. Different from YOUTUBE, users group on Bilibili are more narrowed. Users of Bilibili are from subculture niche market—the ACG culture. So large number of videos on Blibili are labelled as “Guichu” (a word from Japanese related to “MADMOVIE”). These content are influenced by ACG culture deeply, mainly produced with repetition and parodies of ACG which is very popular among the 1995 generation in China.on the website, “Guichu” contents also has their own.


Another core feature of Bilibili is the “bullets” system (in Chinese is “DanMu”). It is a real time commentary subtitle system that displays user comments as streams of moving subtitles overlaid on the video playback screen, visually resembling a danmaku shooter game. Such subtitles are simultaneously broadcast to all viewers in real-time, creating a chat room experience in which users feel like watching and playing together with others. As “bullets” can break the limitation of time and space, provide a feeling of real time share. It is easier to build “community” on Bilibili with bullets system because most of the users are 1995 generation who are growing up with mobile phone, computer and other new media equipment, and prefer to communicate with others and gain attention online rather than in the real world. And because of this comment system, the website has become a source of hot cyber words and broadcast the ACG culture from small group to the public on the whole Internet.



written by YIHAN XU





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