Avatar — Digital visual effects enhance the perceptual realism

AvatarIn the Fantasy fiction film Avatar(2009), by using computer-generated effects and CGI technology, the director James Cameron created the alien world of Pandora, which is full of alien race the blue Na’vi, vicious monsters, presented an alien life through the digital visual effects by capturing the motions from actors. Using CGI rendering to matches perceptual cues, coding it into the film gives the strong visual experience. To build up this hyper-realistic visual experience and the perceptual familiarity (Prince, 2012). Which gives the spectators a deeper into the environment and maximise the experience of cinema.


Following Allen’s point:

“special effects greatly increases the scope of projective illusion, allowing for the experience of full realised fictional worlds that extend far beyond the boundaries of our own” (Prince, 2011).

Avatar is a breakthrough in the evolutionary digital technology, it levelled up the cinematic experience through digital technology. However, it limited the photographic realism, it cannot ignore the fact that the challenge of perceptual judgments. In other words, audiences may face the situation that struggling to receive and digest those composited elements of special effects, the ambivalent tension flows into the spectator’s mind to unbalance the emotion between the real world of the sensory and virtual environment. Hence, digital visual effects enhance the perceptual realism but also has the limitation in the sense of perceptual judgments of the spectator.

Jing Ding

Reference :

Prince, S., 2011. Digital visual effects in cinema: The seduction of reality. Rutgers University Press.

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