What is the meaning of “Hong Kong” style cinema?

After seen many Hong Kong old films, I think that masculinity exactly is a kind of representation form of Hong Kong movies. For instance, it is fully reflected on Infernal Affairs, Youth and Danger gangster series. But, firstly, it can not representative all of Hong Kong films. Hong Kong writer Pierre Lam has written a comment for The White Storm, there are some personal opinion about “Hong Kong”style. He said that is romantic heroism, is demotic dialogue and story, is exhaustless ammo and undead main character, is brotherhood of man.


 Infernal Affairs, 2003


Youth and Danger, 1999

However, Hong Kong has another kind outstanding movies, which can representative “Hong Kong” style as well. For example, Crossing HennessyEchoes of the Rainbow, etc. Simply, Hong Kong films expressing another spirit, which is creative, active, and human interest. They never stand high above the masses to judge people, but like neighborhood telling their ordinary life.


 Echoes of Rainbow, 2010

If you observe these films carefully, you will find out: Firstly, the site of these Hong Kong movies always be set in public housing estates, Yau Ma Tei, etc. Because audiences prefer the most familiar place in Hong Konger’s heart, rather than tall buildings of Central and Victoria harbour. In addition, Hong Kong style movie never stingily display basic life and various emotion of citizen. They strive to restore the real face of Hong Kong.

The last but not least, even though these films have different theme, but Hong Kong films always carry though optimism and active positive spirit in the story. This is related to the history of Hong Kong and change of mentality of Hong Kong citizens. From a fishing village to the centre of international finance, been though economic crisis and 97’s handover, there are lot of things has changed, but they still face life with positive attitude, I think this is the most real Hong Kong style.

Written by Cao Zhenhui


One thought on “What is the meaning of “Hong Kong” style cinema?

  1. I wonder what prompted you to write about this, i.e. how exactly it connects to the topics and issue discussed as part of the module. You might want to try an make the connection clearer for the reader. We did see an a clip from a film from Hong Kong but the discussion on “Hong Kong style” is lost one me.


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