Post cinema age: what would be changed?

Film industry development up to now, we have entered the post cinema age. In the 21 century, internet has touched almost any area of human’s life. With more and more audio and video productions comes out on the internet, what transformation will happens on film field?

In the future, personal filming installation will be more professional. Besides, with the cost of film-making reducing, more and more people will got themselves involved in the film market, and post their works through the internet. Furthermore, with grass root directors enter to film industry, there will be more and more excellent movies and directors arise in the future, to improve the competitiveness of film industry.

In the future, the box office might be not the only profit model of movie anymore. People could sell those films which have no chance be shown on cinema to all major video websites, to make profit by charging fee. In this way, those grass root directors will be known by filming online movie, then get involved into films with investment of millions dollar. Thus, more and more talent directors will be found in traditional film market.

Of course, any argument above should be based on condition that in accordance with relevant policies. With more and more online films comes out, the government will also formulate relevant policies to make this industry become regular and scientifically.

Written by Cao zhenhui


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