Challenge of New Medias

In an age with only broadcasting like TV, radio and newspapers, the choices for a person to acquire information, especially information from outside of a community, would be limited, since there are so little choices. For example, for someone interested in international studies, in a 60 mins TV news programing, international affairs might only cover 10 minutes. For a 24pages newspaper, there might only be 3 sectors that relates to international affairs.

Nowadays, we are living in a rather advanced world when it comes to information distribution and acquiring. The connection of internet brought people from different background together onto the same community, and the communication became more and more important every day, new forms of media are being created.

Many people would see videos on YouTube on a daily basis, and many of the most popular videos on the YouTube represents what is popular among the young people in the world, and for people who are interested in various fields, it is impossible to find zero results for any interest existing. With the satisfaction brought by medias like BuzzFeed and YouTube, the traditional press is facing great threats. However, with better resources, traditional press can also use these platform in even better qualities.


Written by: Haoyan Li


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