The remake of classic screen image, Kong: Skull Island





Hollywood has a very short and magical time, a number of classic screen image we are now familiar with, including Frankenstein’s artificial monsters, Earl de Gula, Scarface, and King Kong were all born, or carry forward from the screen which full of drugs, promiscuity, prostitution, cross-racial marriage, blasphemy, violence and homosexuality and other content. We call it “Pre-Code Hollywood” (Williams,2011).


This short few years, those characters radiated more than half a century of film creation, which caused that Hollywood continued produced remake, adaptation and derivative production. Just like the actor’s lines about the black hole in Kong Kong: Skull Islan (2017), there were a lot of monsters, and the bad guys were gushed from the black hole and fed the audience of different ages.

The image of “King Kong” was born in 1933. It is special in its non-literary or came from other art form adaptation, it was the idea of director Merian C. Cooper of the first edition. A strong original creature, fell in love with the beautiful human women, adventure, taboo, but also with a tragic color.

King Kong: Skull Island is clearly not faithful to the original story. But the wonderful thing is that the director is still trying to preserve the tragedy and humanity of King Kong, and give him more heroic colors, a lonely patron saint of natural order.


The most important changes on the play are as follows:


1, The background story changes from the 30’s economic crisis into the Cold War. The island landing characters started a jungle adventures as army, academics, retired special soldiers, photographers and other diverse groups, and integrated into the anti-war connotation.


2, Skull Island cut off the city part, concentrate on creating adventure, escape and terror elements. Combing the ancient mysterious legend and modern conjecture by the Earth’s hollow.


3, Weakened the emotional line of people and orangutans, as well as the entire film’s love context, release the original emotions in the skull island.


4, Changed the ancient creatures which public familiar such as the snake neck dragon, pterosaurs, into a more science fiction and modern unknown creatures. As well as giant spiders, octopus, etc


5, Abandoning the evil side of King Kong and make it an absolute protagonist. Add sadness on it weaken the feelings of romance (this is very clever to avoid the version of Peter Jackson), enhance the image of its lone hero. Turning the dedication for a woman into the protection of the skull island, and even the image of the earth patron saint.


In some way, the film is very retro. The most important reason: First, the superposition of retro music remind us of the chronology; the other is the film using the montage, make people feel that this is tribute to Eisenstein (Thomson, 2008).


The remake of Kong: Skull Island (2017), the whole flilm revealed a very “smart” feeling. The first is that he deliberately avoided the most recent, but also the most successful version. Not the same, naturally it is difficult to compare.



Thomson-Jones, K. (2008). Aesthetics and film. London: Continuum.

Williams, G. (2011). The story of Hollywood. [Hollywood, CA]: BL Press LLC.



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