Disney and Pixar’s Unique Story Development Method Help Them Cut Down on Cartoon Cinema Marketing


The method and technique used by both Pixar and Disney to come up with new plot lines for their animations is not only unique in their iconic use of princesses and princes, magic and talking animals but it is also directly connected to a marketing and sales strategy which starts in the story writing stage.download-2.jpgIn one way animations are hard to market in that they do not feature branded celebrities like movies do. For example Pixar or Disney could often market an animation based on the voice actors, but it is a much harder task to do with static advertisement such as posters and short online ads.walt-disney-swot-2-638

Instead both Pixar and Disney take a method for story selecting which minimizes marketing costs and rolls out animations with plotlines that are already attractive to many audiences. One example of this is Rapunzel which is a traditional German folklore already familiar in many places in Europe. After polishing the originally dark story line Walt Disney came out with Tangled which was a pleasant cartoon for children.

Another example of this method is by Pixar’s Beauty and the Beast which has since become a franchise that produced a film in recent years.

Generally speaking this method is used more by Walt Disney, while Pixar accepts both the cost and risk of producing new storylines such as Toy Story, Wall-E and Cars. As a safe player Walt Disney finally acquired enough leverage to buy Pixar in 2006 but the two studios have kept their method of working the same. Pixar uses new plotlines to sell animations, while Walt Disney uses familiarity of mind to sell them.




Pixar: No sequels for ‘Ratatouille’, ‘WALL-E’ or ‘Inside Out’ anytime soon


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