How does Park Chan-wook be a music video auteur as well as his film?

Written By: Kepei Zhou

Because all of the music videos are made upon the original song, it is interesting to consider about if the musician would have the authorial power in the music videos?

According to Burns (1990), generally, music video is a medium of director, rather than musician. Therefore, in a music video, musicians and the record companies might have some certain visual imagery or concepts, but they do not have the ability to transfer those concepts into a music video (Vernallis, 2004). Although there are some versatile artists who are able to create both audio production and visual medium, most musicians do not know how to make videos.

Therefore, according to the meaning of ‘auteur’, which originates from France which translates to “author”, which suggests that a director’s film production may reflect on their creative vision or what the music may mean to them and what they can promote ideas from some of the lyrics or background of the artist (Ashby, 2013).

Taking V as an example, it was directed by Park Chan-wook. Park Chan-wook is a film auteur who has his own creative vision. In 2013, Park produced this music video of Jung-hyun Lee, it pays homage to Corpse Bride and The Exorcist, creates a Gothic vision style.


To be more specific, how does Park Chan-wook be a music video auteur as well as his film?

Firstly, Park also made the music video as a black comedy. The majority of Park’s film combines horror and black humor with violent and sexual elements. In V, the opening is similar as a horror film, but the second half of this music video transfers into another bright atmosphere. This is one of Park’s main film features.


Secondly, Park kept female adoration. In some of Park’s film, female characters are always at the leading position, especially comparing with the male characters, such as Sympathy for lady and The Handmaiden. In this music video, the actress is a corpse bride, so the actor is so scared with her and always tries to escape. Therefore, the corpse bride is the stronger character in this narrative system.

Thirdly, Park kept his own color application, shot and editing style in the music video. According to Rabiger (2013), while producing a film, it is more important to create various characters, and their related details, such as the movements and the environment of the characters. Therefore, the movement of camera, shoot, and edition are also very important. In Park’s style, the color application always illustrates strong contrast, and his shot application and edition are with his own style. From this music video, it shows these features, especially the color contrast.



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