Beauty and Beast (2017): from animated movie to musical film



After The Little Mermaid (1989) sensation around the world, it pushed the Disney long animation department to the peak of the film miracle, In late 1991, Disney made persistent efforts to introduce the French fairy tale adaptation of Beauty and Beast. The whole film has excellent music, song base and lyrics. The new 2017 true person version of Beauty and the Beast started to do preparatory work for the film as early as four or five years ago, three new generation of cast – Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans are young and dazzling, and Disney has already invested heavily in re-created the new version by hiring the writer of Chicago (2001) and movie director of Dreamgirls (2006). Finalizing the new version of the film will still be animated dance as the source, keep all the soundtracks and perform by real actors.

After a series of announcements, Beauty and the Beast has become a hotly debated topic.  The first trailer was released in 2016, crazy click rate not only staggered the industry, even the Disney company could not believe that Beauty and the Beast is such a strong market potential. However, the most impressive scenes of the song and dance in Beauty and the Beast was not release in the next several trailers. With the premiere time getting closer, audiences was wondering is the film actually shoot terrible?

After watching the film, the whole movie art design is very impressive ad touching! Whether the small rural village, the forest outside the village, or the hut which Belle and her father lived. The atmosphere of all year snow around wolf country is far better than the animated version. The mysterious castle space level is also made a delicate balance between realistic, romantic, the magical fantasy. In particular, many interior such as the details of the Rococo wind embellishment, covered with rotten dust cloth chandeliers, barren big ballroom, ruined West Wing impressed my visual experience. Just the details of these designs are enough to support a whole fairy tale (Dixon, 2000).

It is actually lucky to catch such a piece of work, the emergence of this film reminds the entire generation of the audience, there was another Beauty and the Beast existence in 1991, which is the animation movies combined with the most advanced technology the most brilliant group of creators.


Dixon, W. (2000). Film genre 2000. 1st ed. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press.


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