The Entertainization Of Documentary In digital Age


Since 1960 s, Hollywood filmmakers began to utilize computer graphics in order to achieve a sense of visual reality.So as Stephen Prince refers that, ‘in numerous ways visual effects provide filmmakers with avenues toward realism, provided the category of realism is expanded from the precondition of live action filming and image spaces that are created and treated holistically.’(p3)

With the rapid improvement of digital technology, documentary owns new mode of creativity, not only in narrative strategy but also in producing process and ultimate visual effect. Nowadays, For instance, filmmakers used to utilize static images to depict extinct animals and plants, while computer graphics may help them to create nonexistent creatures and setting through analyzing their characteristics described in historical data, which makes documentaries more powerful and appealing. More and more usages of computer graphics and the appearance of animated documentary witness the process of entertainment documentary, with delicately recreated frames and diversification on narration.

I have to admit that the development of digital technology makes it possible for filmmakers to create the setting which only exists in our imagination as well as help to create perfect actors, which are improbable existence in reality, with impossible agile body language and unusually delicate facial expression.Some will argue that the multiple applications of computer graphic in documentary are inconsistent with the characteristic of authenticity. However, I think documentary is an assertive mode. It states to viewers that some situation or event exists. It aims to tell audiences the real event, while computer graphic makes it possible for audiences to enjoy more visualized frames and have a beneficial effect on comprehending the motif.


Prince, S. (2012). Introduction: Beyond Spectacle. In: Prince, S. Digital Visual Effects in Cinema. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. p3.


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