“What’s going on?”: Globalisation and its Metaphor in Sense8

Created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J.Michael Straczynski for Netflix, Sense8 is on the surface an American science fiction web television show about a group of strangers from different cultures around the world who suddenly obtain a mental and emotional connection with each other after a strange dream. 

The first season had twelve episodes and was filmed in United States, Iceland, Kenya, India, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. Sense8 is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s most expensive TV shows, at 9 million dollars per episode. The even more impressive in Sense8 is that series had a “soundscape that reflected the always-shifting setting without becoming a mishmash of global noise”. When all the characters hear the song of “What’s going on” in the fourth episode of the movie and when the eight characters in various areas of the world come across their painful memories, the film edits their humming in parallel. 

The conception of Wachowski Sisters still mainly concentrates on the difference of the global culture and the common ground of human beings in mind. All the group members help the partners at the loss of their lives on the premise of confirming the mutual moral level. Through this film, we witness a group of people with the real loft morality. It could be summarized that this group of people symbolizes an inevitable diverse world in the future due to globalization. The sympathy and understanding “sensates” show us is the kind of virtue that is most difficult to achieve for human beings.


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