The Impact of Digital Cinema on Live News


The changing ways in which cinema was presented to an audience also brought about a change in news broadcasting. It allowed for several things to happen to the way news was made and broadcasted, creating industry production breakthroughs.

In the past the news was consisted of recorded segments which were edited or voiced over and played during broadcast hours. What we call live news today differed a lot from the live news that was available in the past. Mainly due to the lack of live editing ability in non-digital filming techniques live news was a recording which had to have all the required props and decorations inside the set as it was being recorded


Pic1: News broadcast with non-digital recordings requiring physical sets.


However as film was transferred to a digital platform and digital editing features became available the live news industry took a major shift.

Firstly live news could now project digital layers on top of their recorded broadcasts, such as logos, statistics, advertisement or any related content.


Pic2: BBC news broadcast with a digital logo layer


At the same time digital live recording allowed for real time and organized debates between individuals on and off location where news was taking place. This also allowed for live debates to take place between experts and expanded the role of live news into live broadcast of expert information.

At the same time such versatility even brought new departments into life such as weather reports where a large segment of the broadcast relies on a live interaction between the host and digital information.


The overall impact of reel recording being transferred to a digital platform was a positive and profitable one for news broadcasting




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