Shooting stars on YouTube

Recently I am attracted by a popular prank music video made by a DIY user starting with recording a fat man preparing to dive on the bridge with the background music named Shooting stars from youtube, however, at the point when this man is almost jumping into the river, the style of this video changes to fiction from documentary which makes the spectators feel like this fat man diving through spaces, constantly shuttling from one to the other.


YouTube, as a rich assemblage, where DIY practices flourish on incorporates the variation in contents. Vernallis (2013) suggests a way approaching YouTube: due to the development of technology, repetitive genres are regarded as popular and gain much attention from this ecology, which can be employed in this prank, the action of this fat man gets repeated by the DIY user, fitting the contemporary public aesthetic tendency. That’s also the reason why this music prank gets spread so much widely.

However,the first famous use of this track was in July of 2016. It goes with a video of CGI orangutan dancing as a parody to a real orangutan Harambe.


But the videos of a fat man dividing and Harambe dancing are not the original editions of shooting stars. In fact, this song is an electric music released in 2009 and its original digital music video affected by retro synthwave aesthetics also gains many views, benefited from the technology to change color and achieve the real person in a fictional space. Thus,  at present, YouTubers have essential power in this ecology,  owning the ability to enable the work back to the viewers in an unexpected way.


By Xuefei Sun


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