what if use “digital actor” instead of real actor?

Five years ago, from the digital Emily emerged on the screens, digital actors performance has beyond peoples expectation. More and more people realized that digital actor might be replace some works of real actor in the future.


ICT Graphics Lab, university of southern California, is the frontier organization of this field so far. They use camera scan actors face, to record the head model and skin texture, even though correct to teeth and eyelashes. Then create a same-size CG head model through computer. Finally, through facial capture to make the digital model has the same emotion when the actor performing.



Besides, in the movie Fast and Furious 7, in order to reproduce the image of Paul Walker, they are not only invited Pauls brother as stand-in, but also use the most progressive facial capture system to scan his face. Then combine with CG technology to create digital face model and virtual expression, a vivid Paul Walker return to audiences eye again.



Recent years, there are many young and elder actor scan their body in the ICT Lab. It bring endless imagination for film maker. From now on, seeing those actors who has past away on the screen wont be a dream anymore. Furthermore, those hot actor can make their own digital model as well, to replace them finish lot of dangerous scenes for insurance.

By Cao Zhenhui


University of South California, http://gl.ict.usc.edu/Research/digitalemily/



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