The video clip: when music becomes cinema

It can be described as the perfect blend of cinema and music. This is the video clip.

Born at the dawn of the new technologies, the music video is an area of experimentation and has acquired over time its own form of expression that stands out from traditional forms of audio-visual products.

The interaction between the cinema and the music video has become over the years always more and more strong. On one side video clips are highly inspired by cinema, on the other hand video clips represent a laboratory of experimentation  for the more innovative filmmakers and video makers.

Video clips represent a kind of art that we can describe as totally crazy. This is especially due to the fact that some filmmakers and screenwriters have invented the most particular stylistic solutions, which have resulted in a type of strongly metaphorical and symbolic language. The video has also left an indelible imprint on mass culture and many of the works of some of the most innovative directors can be studied, considered and eventually accepted as true works of art. In fact, the birth of the music video is closely linked to the development of those early art forms related to the computer use, in the first half of the 70’, better known with the generic term “art video”.

The modern cinema, invaded by a new generation of video makers as Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer or Spike Jones, has incorporated the characteristic elements of this new art form, while maintaining a clear desire and need to differentiate itself. As for the music video, it is difficult to predict what changes will be submitted in the future as it is a format in continuous evolution. In recent years, the same speed that has always characterized the video clip has been replaced by a maximal use of the “slow motion”. In any case I think the video does not lose its status of “innovative format” and will remain for a long time an experimental laboratory of new languages determined by the continuing evolution of digital technologies.

Written by Nardos Maffia

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