Last Dance: BIGBANG’s BIG Music Video


It is no doubt that Bigbang is a key icon of the Kpop(Korean Pop) music. “Last Dance” is a leading single of their new released album “FXXk It”.


According to its melody and lyrics, “Last Dance” is a slow, calm R&B pop song that frankly portrays Bigbang members’ own feelings which are about the fear of being abandoned by someone’s lover, friends and even the focus of the public. In addition, its music video plays a key role in presenting such a sad emotion: sentimental music and image together. As Vernallis mentions, “Sound and image reflect individual parameters such as narrative, teleological drive, harmony, timbre, rhythm, and so forth” (Vernallis, C, 2013, p209). Images might provide little assistance to the song and engage with showing off the soundtrack to some extent.

This music video not only conveys the messages of the music lyrics, but also shows the aesthetic of a commercial music video to attract audiences. In Austerlitz’s view of music videos, “the best music video depends on bringing over audiences’ taste for glamour and distinctive mise-en-scene, and a well-trained eye for captivating (if not always logically motivated) imagery…”(Austerlitz, S., 2007, p41), music video always aims for a consistent renewal, and the amplification of the initial watching thrill, like its creative camera angles and the rotating frame.

CzfTD5GUUAEjJ1u.jpg  tumblr_oi2w2hyosg1vcoygxo5_1280.png

tumblr_oi2w2hyosg1vcoygxo2_1280.png  tumblr_oi2w2hyosg1vcoygxo1_1280.png

Moreover, Mnet, one of Korean TV Station, has released a version of “Last Dance” without rotation, for those who find themselves turning their heads while watching “Last Dance” music video, or feel like they are with the rotating camera work.

To sum up, as Austerlitz states, “Music videos are consumer products”(Austerlitz, S., 2007, p3). And this music video receives 4 million viewings on YouTube.It is no doubt that “Last Dance” still creates an atmosphere that audiences could slip into time and again, even without bright colours.


Austerlitz, S. (2007). Money For Nothing: A History of the Music Video from the Beatles to the White Stripes. New York and London: The Continuum International Publishing Group.

Vernallis, C. (2013). Unruly Media. New York: Oxford University Press.

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