Music Video and Famous paintings

“Dust my shoulders off” is Chinese singer Jane Zhang’s song which is Urban R&b style and the creation is the key. In this MV, Jane Zhang played the unlucky office girl who received a complaint from her boss. In the moment, Jane Zhang  inadvertently entered into a wonderful world which is in series by the 12 famous paintings .

Accompanied by the funny transitions, Jane Zhang subverts and rewrites the stories about these paintings, and reveal a new and imaginative plot.Portrait Vincent Van Gogh’s “Self” hang in the restaurant which is  “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper; The ear of Van Gogh was bitten by Mike Tyson; The middle of woman who bent over the waist in “Les Gleanuses Salon”(Jean Francoi Millet) is “Girl with a Pearl Earring”(Jan Vermeer); In “The Scream”(Edvard Munch),  the two man in black are the hero of “Men in Black II”(2002). In the end, this MV is back to the first painting “Nighthawks”. Jane Zhang uses these 12 famous paintings to complete her music video. In order to make the actors living in these paintings, the actors put many oil paints on their face and dresses.

“Sound and image reflect individual parameters such as narrative, teleological drive, harmony, timbre, rhythm, and so forth” (Vernallis, C, 2013, p.209). In music videos, the image and the song always have relation. The image can help audiences to understand the meaning of the song or  making the songs become figurative. When “The Son of Man”(René Magritte) show in the MV,  the lyric is”Tell ’em get up outta my face”.  The vortex brushwork in  Van Gogh’s “Self” with the rhythm of the music turn.

After “BEAUTY”(2014) by Italy director  Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, the short videos about  making famous paintings to move up  are no longer fresh. But, Jane Zhang’s “Dust my shoulders off” not only use these famous paintings, but also use cosplay and some points without these paintings. It seems very funny and wonderful.

written by Muchen Ren


Vernallis, C., 2013. Unruly Media, Oxford University Press: New York.



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