New unruly era of MTV—Thriller


MTV began broadcasting in August 1981 and soon became the main mechanism for popular music promotion and circulation. Vernallis said that the music video is the “unruly media” and in this way, Michael Jackson created a new era of the show of MTV in the 1980s. Thriller is the first music video that put the plot and dance into music. It is a 13-minute horror-themed music video which might be a small narrative film, to say the least.



Michael used many film elements for reference: the plot with fully suspense, the unexpected ending. He also added those factors into the dance of the song. To a certain extent, with a various of elements, Thriller might change people’s understanding and perspective of the music video.

Moreover, this diversity has become increasingly recognized in the emerging field of contemporary audiovisual research.

In fact, music video has always been a controversial media. But it is a good way to promote for commercial market. We usually define the mv as the products of music company that the content of the video just for recording and selling the song and music. Thriller also gives us a good example for music market and show them more choices and possibilities they can do into the video, inspiring them create and feature their products.

Written by Xi Chen



One thought on “New unruly era of MTV—Thriller

  1. There are some good points here abut Thriller! but remember it is important to refer to the director and not just the performer wen discussing music videos. Also while blog entries can be slightly informal you still need to refer to performers by their last names. The interesting question is whether these references to cinema and cinematic experience are still part of music videos today, and if so whether this has changed.



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