Economic of Film Industry

The box office of the United States remained the first place in the world with China on the second place, it seems that when the economy of a country is stable, it is more likely for people to attend films in cinemas, which is another growing point of economy. More than that, cultural and commercial behaviors like seeing a movie is such a recreational activity that would ease the tension of the society and promote the psychological satisfaction.

Besides being a part of the column industries, in the process of film screenplay, other industries can also be promoted. For example, for companies like Lego, producing movies does not only bring the profit of the movie, but also promotes the sale of the companies, the same economy motivates franchises like Marvel, DC, Transformer and Star Wars. Also, for many people, it is natural to eat outside when seeing a film, also, it is very likely for people to do more shopping when going out for a movie. The simple action of seeing a film would bring an individual into net of economy that consists of different industry, as the individual leave the cinema, many company would profit from it. Film industry nowadays has become extremely important for an economy entity.


Written by: Haoyan Li


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