A Chinese directer who Open a international perspective – Ang Lee

As a Chinese film director in the Hollywood, Lee Ang, he has a strong personal style. In the integration of Western culture and their personal Chinese style, he has his respective understanding and judgments of Western culture.

The concept of “globalization” became a key word in the development of the world at the end of the last century. This wave of globalization from the economic sphere has also spread to many areas such as society and culture. In the global strategy of the United States, the cultural industry, especially the film has always occupied a pivotal position.

Ang Lee: make good use of its own cultural foundation to open a broad international perspective


As the most prestigious international film director of the Chinese director, Ang Lee’s film is very diverse, he can control a lot of themes. From the early ” Pushing Hands “, “The wedding banquet”, ” Eat Drink Man Woman,” the “family trilogy” began, he has been looking for a balance between Chinese and Western cultures, these films are committed to explore the traditional and modern ethical contradictions, the cultural conflict between Eastern and Western, it opened up a new field of performance for Chinese film. He accepted the influence of Chinese and Western culture, the guidance of Chinese and Western education, he has a deeper understanding of the contents of the Chinese and Western society as consequence of his own experience.(Zhao,2015)

Diet men and women,” the combination of Chinese and Western culture is partly due to the factors of the writer. Professor James is one of the writers of James Lee’s long-term co-production, and James Schamus is one of the screenwriters. Since he is not a complete understanding of Taiwanese culture and Chinese Confucianism, it is a way to cut into a way closer to Chinese culture thought Jewish logic, to achieve the effect of rationalization of the plot. In the story, the big chef’s father gradually not be valued, as it corresponds to the Chinese food culture is gradually replaced by a new generation of Western fast food culture, in the end the father loss his taste is the summer curtains out of the idea, so that the plot Into the Western point of view.


From the Ang Lee, we can learn the success of the Chinese film director in Hollywood, “to understand their own culture and other cultures of the common and differences, and then make an equally communication, added his own cultural characteristics into film. In the wave of globalization, Li Ang give the different experience to the Western audience, he get rid of the Chinese director by the traditional cultural background, no longer as a “foreign language film” of Chinese director , Directed by the film, but to equal, open mind and cultural perspective to examine his works.

Written by: Chengxi Li

  1. Zhao Xin, 2015, The Chinese director under the globalization, http://media.people.com.cn/BIG5/n/2015/0721/c397599-27337844.html [Available at: 02/03/2017]

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