OK Go’s Latest Record-Breaking Music-Video Marvel

In an age of hyperkinetic visual invention, an era up to its eyeballs in images both inventive and clichéd. (Ryan, G. 2014)  OK Go, an alternative American rock band, with complex and creative music video, attracted millions of spectators. It referred to as “YouTube video virus disseminator”,  won the 49th Grammy award for best short music video. Almost every music video of this band once launched, will become a hot topic.

During the time “I Will not Let You Down” released , OK Go combined one-shot with the mechanical dance, showing a different kind of Japanese girl music. And “Upside Down & Inside Out.” is shooting in a real “weightlessness” environment, with gorgeous color and well-designed choreographer, it wondered people again. In their latest released work, this 4-minute music video for their song, “The One Moment” which has achieved more than 50 million hits on YouTube, again made audiences greatly widen their horizon. It let different kinds of props such as water-polo, toys, glass and ceiling-filled guitar act a “fancy explosion”. Shocked color jump with music together, simply make it dizzying. What’s notable about this music radio is that most of the 4-minute video is a super-slow-motion shot captured over just 4 seconds of real time.

The One Moment is mainly to memorize and celebrate those moments in life when we are still alive,” said director Damian Kulash. “Regardless of beauty, confusion or sadness, they are proof of our lives.” He also mentioned that “For the video, we tried to represent this idea literally — we shot it in a single moment. We constructed a moment of total chaos and confusion, and then unraveled that moment, discovering the beauty, wonder, and structure within.” (Michael, Z. 2016)okgo_20161204223207_00

In a massive spreadsheet 25 columns wide and 400 rows long, the shoot needed extremely well-planning and choreographing every details. According to the main creator introduced, from the beginning of the first action to the latter part of the “open umbrella”, the whole process actually only took 4.2 seconds. And the next pigment scene which has been slowly processed only occurred in 3 seconds. The team totally used precise digital triggers to set off 318 separate events, synchronized to music and the camera movement. (Michael, Z. 2016)


This example shows how audiovisual relations in music video might be structured this way. It also projects a superfluidity of emotion: energy flows from the music and image together. We may think of the music-image relationship as a new hyperbeing.(p210, Carol, 2013)

In the past decade, OK GO personally practiced what is “creativity is the primary productive force.” They did not give up the pursuit of music, but in their logic, “Vision” is an indispensable dimension of music creation. So that come out these imaginative music videotapes, the fireworks gun which sprayed the color ribbon to the audience area as well as the lying in the two feet thick ribbon heap audience who chasing with their friends.


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Written by  Yuehan Zhu


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