Transmedia Storytelling in New Media Era

Written by Liang Xiong

The boundaries among different mediums are increasingly fuzzy in new media era. Different mediums are converged for transmedia storytelling, which has become a trend. Fleet of Time is adapted from a networked novel into a networked drama, and then it is adapted into a film. Its presentation mode in different mediums becomes a sample of the transmedia study.

If transmedia storytelling is just interpreted as the simple addition of multiple medium functions or a simple copy of the same information among different platforms, the innovation of transmedia storytelling is underestimated apparently.

“A transmedia story unfolds across multiple media platform, with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole” (Jenkins, 2006, p95-96).

Each media platform has own advantages. Organization and collaboration are emphasized in transmedia storytelling and they echo and support each other.


The networked drama Fleet of Time is adapted from a networked novel of the same name. It represents a continuation of youth literature in a storytelling mode with a slower rhythm and describes the confusion of the protagonist to youth. It pays attention to the expression of characters’ emotion.

Film version Fleet of Time is significantly changed in the aspects of story perspective, theme and plot to adapt to medium characteristics of the big screen. It narrates from the viewpoint of the middle-aged men through flashback mode.


The film pays attention to values of the middle class. The lifestyle of the middle class is represented more vividly. Print media and networked media make a contribution to the story of the film in the process of transmedia storytelling.

Since the excellent early foundation is laid for the film by network novel and network drama, its box office reached 578 million CNY within one month after the movie was released (Tengxun,2015).

Currently, the creator can plan how to distribute the storytelling resources since the beginning; thereby the story can be developed to another media platform. Transmedia storytelling will bring more space for film production in the future.



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