The first specific style MV – 《Thriller 》

Cause this is thriller, thriller night

And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to Strike”

  • 《Thriller 》Michael Jackson

Today I will talk about The first MV which has specific style MV from Michael Jackson “Thriller”. It is the first narrative story music video in the history, it cost $ 500,000 and up to 14 minutes Music Video, it is a high-budget production in 1983.

I believe when people listens this song firstly, everyone will surprise with the sound effect, its perfect like a movie. This MV described a trembling horror story as the name of song.

At the beginning of the song, the sound of opening door catching audience’s heart. Heavy footsteps, wolf sound under the moon, supernatural melody written by Rod Temperton combine with mysterious and sexy sound from Michael Jackson, it can make a deep impression on the audience heart from audio and visual described a same main idea. It is a perfect combination audiovisual. At last, a voice over from famous horror film actor Vincent Price add more horror feeling to a perfect ending.

John Landis, music video director of “Thriller” mentioned in his interview: “25 years ago, a music video who is sang by Michael Jackson changes the face of pop music.” (John, 2009)

“Thriller” followed the horror film narrative ideas and performance style, it creates a “dream” by using psychological montage and special effect. The singer changes for multiple roles. To create a “fragment” type of narrative way, it shows a reflection of the basic characteristics of the early MV, it distinguished MV – this new genre with feature films, TV series and other TV genre. Music television which began its industrialization, large-scale and internationalization process.


Written from: Chengxi Li



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