Music Video: Fragmented Narrative

During the development of music video, it gradually formed its own unique production stylistic because of the limitations of space and short time, although making a music video uses a lot of concepts from film theories. Its shooting technique is no longer completely imitating the linear narrative, but breaking up the timeline to be fragmented.Fragmented narrative combines odd images to create a story, using the movement of space involved in every single shoot to get interacted.However, each space has its own specific and independent timeline, as a result, in this inter-relationships of multiple spaces, time becomes multiplied as well but not coherent and its contradictions and multi-directional feature are exposed to the audience through putting these fragments together.

For example, a Taiwan singer, Liu Ruoying, has a famous song named “later” whose mv is made by the fragmented narrative. This mv has two love stories designed in three different spaces to depict the memories of the past of the male protagonist and the female protagonist separately in three spaces, while one contemporary space to show the final result of the love story.The alternation of these three spaces breaks the original timeline and coherence, expressing this song by a fragmented way.

In conclusion, due to the limited length of music videos, the way of the narrative is usually nonlinear by designing fragmented frames to translate the song to visual languages and show the music style.

By Xuefei Sun


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