PES: Re-imagining the stop motion in the new media era


Amandine Gros

PES born Adam Pesapane in 1973, is an American director and stop-motion animator of shorts films and commercials. He first did a short film called Dogs of War directed in 1998 with a background of a WW2 documentary. At the beginning of his career, he didn’t make animation films. His creativity and his passion for objects grew some years later.

The reason why I wanted to write about him is because he revolutionized somehow the practice and the theory of the slow-motion and used social medias as Youtube to show and exhibit his films.

I focus on his main known work Fresh Guacamole which was nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film. “Fresh Guacamole takes the viewer through a succession of meticulously staged steps in the making of an alternate-universe version of the avocado-based Mexican sauce. Hand grenades, baseballs and dice are in the frenetic stop-motion “recipe,” which shows off PES’ taste for bringing inanimate objects to strange new life.” (Hart, H. 2012)

In an interview, he answered the question why “the Internet, social media and the viral nature of communication have played a part in the success of your films and the type of attention they get“. He replied that he “was one of the first people releasing films online”. At the same time, it is thanks to the new media that the could create his films and share them so easily without taking care of a potential screening. However, he is known as a filmmaker and even if the audience doesn’t go to the cinema to see his movies his success as his popularity grow anyway thanks to Youtube. As Rodowick says «“Internet-based activity consume much more leisure time than going to the movies.” (2006, p27).


Hart, H. (2012). Meet PES, the stop-motion genius who turns grenades into fresh guacamole. Wired. Available from [Accessed 27 February 2017].

Rodowick, D. (2006). “The Virtual Life of Film” in The Virtual Life of Film, Harvard University Press, 2-26.


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