Media Archaeology: New idea of Mass Communication

Mass communication was originated from western developed countries in 20 century, and they are still leading the development of global communication. So far, many researches about communication in china still in the stage of  import new theories from western countries, then transform to localization culture. Recent years, some Chinese experts began to concerned about the crisis of mass communication. They focus on the insufficiency of empiricism school. Meanwhile, they began to pay more attention to another rising school- Media Ecology. In 2006, a academic theory named Media Archaeology showed up in China, which bring a brand new mode of thinking in mass communication in China.

The writer, Siegfried Zeilinski, has worked in the Berlin university of technology. He taught lessons about media studies. In 1993, he started to launch his research about media archaeology. His research focus on the deep thinking of technology audition, by using different kind of methods to prove many typical media theories and creative technologies. Besides, he also made detailed plan for the research of media archaeology in the future.

By observing varied media theories, Siegfried summed up a new theory, which was disparate with the dominant media ecology.  “Every developed media country both need to meet the demand of art, science, technology.” The world of media has nature of openness and  changeful. Thus, any theory that tend to obey the nature of this world is against the objective law.

Written by Cao Zhenhui


Parikka. J What is Media Archaeology? [2012] Available from:    Accessed 29 Feb 2017


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