Why don’t you watch TV now?

With the emergency of varied of digital products in these years, as the main recreational activity of family from the 90s, TV has been marginalized today. If TV want to regain their own place from battle of digital productions, they have to do some transform.

Reimagining the program searching mode

Many people used to complained that endlessly switching channel in the guide to find the program you interested is boring. Meanwhile, may be you will missing more interesting program when you searching your favorite one. Andriod TV is a innovation which is growing fast recent years. It is a kind of smart product which be able to search key word online. Besides, it will push some new program that you might be interested, which is sort of like Youtube. Furthermore, they are also supporting remote voice control, you will get what you need while you give a word.


Making TV portable and invisible

Huge, immovable, these disadvantages are still primary barrier to stop the development of TV. Just imagine the scenes that get rid of those annoying wires, you can bring your TV go everywhere. That must the coolest thing in this world, isn’t it? Now, Sony is going to push out a new product named ‘The Sony ZD9’. It is a projector as small as your wallet, has 4k resolution, set on the ground and projecting contents upward by lasers instead of lightbulbs.


The reason that people give up TV and turn to laptop and smart phone is not related with the quality of TV program are decline. On the one hand,the fact is there are more convenience way to watch tv programs now, we don’t have to watch them on TV. on the other hand, TV industry was impacted by the development of internet. Thus, cooperated with internet industry is the best way that TV archive the self-salvation. Even now, live BBC TV has allow audience watch live BBC show via BBC iPlayer on the internet.


Written by Cao Zhenhui


Harrison E, [2016], What is the future of television?  Available from: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-08-19/what-is-the-future-of-tv-technology  Accessed: 20 Feb 2017


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