Virtual Reality for the Future?

Yu Tian

The tendency of contemporary Hollywood blockbuster as Sean Cubitt claims:“film is no longer a time based medium […] spatialization take over from narrative”, the digital cinema is less as post-film than as post-cinema, to create the better spectacle is perfectly matched with the essence of Virtual Reality .

It seems that VR is the inevitable future of the cinema, but some filmmakers see it as a danger. Steven Spielberg warned VR technology could be ‘dangerous’ for film-making. Ironically, Spielberg is one of the pioneer who formed the idea of blockbuster and changed entire industry on the technology and aesthetic. “The only reason I say it is dangerous is because it gives the viewer a lot of latitude not to take direction from the storytellers but make their own choices of where to look.” He said in Cannes, “I just hope it doesn’t forget the story when it starts enveloping us in a world that we can see all around us and make our own choices to look at…”

Certainly, VR can create the better spectatorship than ever before, but for the artistic level it is a disaster because the filmmaker can not force the viewers where to see, and how can you make a 360 artistic expression?  Also, will be huge possibility that audiences are going to ignore the narrative and get more enjoyment being in the circumstances.

Nevertheless, Spielberg is still working on the new VR project and put the huge amount of investment. Well, that’s interesting, now I am 100% sure that VR is the one for the future cinema.


Cubitt, Sean. The Practice of Light: A Genealogy of Visual Technologies from Prints to Pixels. MIT Press, 2014.


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