Globalization in Hollywood

Hollywood seems to be very open and friendly towards artists from across the world. Nowadays, most film crews have people from different countries, and they have adopted to the working chemistry in Hollywood, they work as actors and actresses, screenwriters, directors or producers. However, even with such diversity in Hollywood, the producing of a film is not possible to be done purely in Hollywood or even the United States. Companies in other countries are also participating in the producing of Hollywood films.

This is a video introducing the impact of globalization of Hollywood.

For big studios in Hollywood, it would be easy for them to locate a after effect crew team based in Tokyo to properly finish the after-effect job with a lower price than most United States based companies. At the same time, there are also Hollywood teams working for other countries’ films, with more advanced technology and technique, they are a good choice for blockbuster movies.

Globalization of the film industry means communication of culture and technology with all countries, it would bring not only benefits, but also creativity. The globalization provided artists from around the world a mutual stage, and through their cooperation and mutual inspiration, all parties would be improving in the process.


Youtube, 2015, Globalization’s Impact on Film and Television

Written by: Haoyan Li


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