All sort of changes that happen in our lives do happen either by natural causes, or because we cause their happening. I believe the emergence of the moving image art and furthermore its transformation through time until this moment, has been the result of the collision of both factors.

All art forms have developed through different eras in history to give us better forms of art. Visual art, for example have developed in both – 2D (Painting) – and -3D (Sculpture) – then came printing, followed by photography, which eventually evolved into moving image. Evolution is a natural outcome in our lives, even if man causes it.

The Lumiere Brothers believed in the evolution of the visual art and managed to give still photography life by producing the moving image, and I believe they knew then it wasn’t going to stop at those boundaries.


The story telling art, represented in its novelistic form, that of the theatre, in its desire do evolve just like all other art forms, coincided with the development of the moving image, and that (Convergence) sparkled the movie industry in America. An entertainment industry that is associated with ordinary people’s pleasure was born. A development of a storytelling art form and its technologies, formats, materials, commercial and diverse; was bound to follow by necessity and public demand in order to live and flourish.

Such a conversion or a collision between art forms gave us this Big Bang that brought cinema into being only to evolve even further as a natural outcome of the marriage of different causes and forms. We just don’t know for certain how and to what extend it will keep evolving. One thing I am sure of is that the Lumiere Brothers wouldn’t mind that.


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