Post-Cinematic Experience and Digital Cinema

Amandine Gros

I think it can be interesting to compare Lev Manovich ’s point of view on ‘digital cinema’ and Steven Shaviro’s definition of ‘post-cinematic’.These two concepts are linked by a causal relationship.

As Steven Shaviro said post-cinematic  is about “what it feels like to live in the affluent West in the early 21st century.“ and said that “ (…) filmmaking has been transformed, over the past two decades, from an analog process to a heavily digitized one.” (2016)

Lev Manovich explained that the post-cinematic experience with a digital cinema can change the “identity of cinema” (2016), and how the viewer gets into the narrative. It is not only about new digital technologies but it changes the conditions of the viewers by reflecting different sensibilities. 

In the 21st century, the digital cinema changed our post-cinematic experience as a viewer and leave a reply to a change of category. Lev Manovich said that he was concerned with “ the effect of the so-called digital revolution on cinema as defined by its “super-genre” of a fictional live-action film”. This transformation to the cinema in ‘post-cinema’ reveals that there is a new transition in the history of cinema and thanks to the impact of digitalization the quality of the motion picture and the image give birth to new sensations.

One interview of Steven Spielberg giving his opinion about digital cinema.

One of a moving-image work of Nick Hooker a music video for Grace Jones’s song called ‘Corporate Cannibal’in 2008. Steven Shaviro said that “It is a digital production that has little in common with traditional film.” (2010) “The video works by continually manipulating Grace Jones’ figure.” (2010)


Manovich L. (2016). “What is Digital Cinema”, Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film, Denson and Leyda eds., Reframe books

Shaviro S. (2010). “Post-Cinematic Affect”, John Hunt Publishing, Kindle Edition


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