The Modern Practice of Film Art

Chasing thrill is the reason for many people to sit for a couple of hours in a cinema, concentrate in stories created through hard work and creativity. However, in this fast forwarding digital age, the development of technology contributed a great amount of assistant when modern artists find themselves in a much easier position.

One of the most appreciated invention is digital cameras. For cameramen, without the huge boxes of films, shooting pictures would be much easier. For one thing, if the camera was malfunctioned and the shot was not taken properly, with film cameras, the mistakes might not be discovered for another week, with digital cameras, the mistakes would be found instantly.

At the same time, with digital cameras, it is easier for the after effect crew to touch the pictures, since working on computers in way faster and high quality compares to traditional methods. However, with digital footage and digital copies, it is possible that the footage might be leaked to the public before the screening of the movie. For instance, the footage of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked and countless downloads were done, which happened before the movie was even released. Here’s a report of the incident.

The technology of light sensors and digital storage made it possible that the quality of digital footages today are better than most films, which means that the time of production would be much shorter, and the cost of the movie would also be smaller, with a small budget, it would still possible to shoot quality film.


Written by: Haoyan Li

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